jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2006

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

From: "Michael Balzary"
To: members@redhotchilipeppers.com

i love the beautiful thing in everyone
i love the freedom of everyone to be beautiful
i love the miracle of someone expressing their beautiful self
i weep with joy at the power of someone able to express their true
beauty in the midst of repressive forces
we have to all support the freedom and the beauty
it is our responsibility as human beings
it is the greatest thing we can do
our imagination is our greatest gift

i am in vienna
i purchased a nice jacket and waistcoat today
it feels so good the coziness of it

the red hot chili peppers have played a lot of concerts
it is hard to imagine for me
even though i lived every single one
all the sweat and broken toes
all the rubber chicken necking
all the smiles
the sheer quantity of notes

and we played another one tonight in vienna
i am so proud of my bandmates
they always give their hearts
and i am so lucky to have ended up with them
tonight we played a little bit of the song 'nevermind'
we haven't played that song in many a moon
i cant remember the last time
but it was so fun
yeah it goes like that

there is a man with a red face who works here at the hotel
and whores in the bar

mozart is from around here
not from vienna but somewhere in austria

i am listening to ornette coleman right now 'love call'
whooo that dude is on fire
cant beat it

has anyone seen the tv show 'the wire'?
anthony turned me on to it and i have been watching it with great
there is an awesome character in it named d'angelo
the actor who plays him is great
and undergoes an incredible transformation
as far as the 3 seasons i have seen he is the emotional center of the
whole thing
i really love it
though it is completely heartbreaking
and supports joe strummer's assertion that '"it is a sad and
beautiful world"

love to all

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