martes, 26 de septiembre de 2006

Tuesday September 26, 2006

From: "Michael Balzary"

ok so i said i would do a fleamail everyday and i missed yesterday...
so i will do 2 on a day soon
we flew to toronto from baltimore yesterday on an airplane
we were gonna transport ourselves like jonathon livingston seagull
but didnt feel like it
we are on our 6th leg of tour now
we are pretty deep into it
a man can go through a lot of different states during a tour like
this and i dont mean oregon arizona and idaho
but we are holding up like champs
and i feel like these are the best shows we have ever played
i am happy with them
as much as i value our creative process of writing and recording music
and all of the preparation and pre show rituals
and the discipline and work it takes to put on our shows
and the fun that we have surrendering to the music when we truly
surrender completely
i give those things no more value than i give to the process that all
the people have
who get in their cars with their families and friends and make it
down to the gig to see us play
every night i give a talk about how grateful we are for everyone
coming and giving our music life
i hope people understand how much i and we as a group deeply feel
that gratitude
we are all together on this
these gatherings each night are unbelievably great
all of us together
thank you