martes, 26 de junio de 2007

Fleamail June 26, 2007

From: Michael Balzary

Sent: Tue Jun 26 06:31:20 2007

here in amsterdamn
last week i spent in the mountains
the beautiful mountains that embrace you like a babe in a milky bosom
of love
where you can be dashed like yesterday's ragdoll onto an unmmoveable
razorsharp family of rocks
or fall like a ray of sun of a friendly cliff into a genius swimming
hole in a cascading hippie river
and eat fresh baked bread
and carry your baby girl in a backpack woodsy hike
fuck i'm lucky
now i am in amsterdamn for a few days
so far on this leg we played bilbao it was fun and rocked
and some town i cant pronounce in holland and it was fun and rocked too
i played a lot of chess with josh last night
he beats me mostly but i get him once in a while
i've got instruments in my room and i play them and try to come up
with good musical ideas
it is a lot of fun when i strike upon something i like
listening to wayne shorter
reading saul bellow