domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2006

Sunday, December 3, 2006

From: "Michael Balzary"

so i see that snoop dogg has been arrested again......

let me tell you this
i have a non profit music school in los angeles
it is called 'the silverlake conservatory of music'
we have about 600 students and lots of them go for free and and are
supplied with quality instruments to play
it costs money to make this happen
last summer i asked snoop dogg if he would come down and record with
the kids in the studio
a bunch of kids got in the studio over at capital records in hollywood
and snoop doggy dogg the dee oh double g came down
and met with each kid individually, took pictures with all of them
signed all their autographs
and the kids rocked some funk grooves and snoop rocked rhymes with
them and it was recorded
he spent several hours doing it
and he showed them how he did it in the studio
for free
he was gracious, polite, and giving with the kids
and he had a gig that night that he had to get a plane to, but he
still showed up and spent the whole day with the kids
because he cared
there was no press, nothing to gain, no glory
he did it because it was the thing a person with heart does
and the recording was great and it will come out sometime soon and
raise money for the school
so kids that can't afford it can have free quality music lessons and
there you have it

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