martes, 17 de octubre de 2006

Tuesday October 17, 2006

From: "Michael Balzary"

so here we are in new york city, fixin to get another leg of tour rollin
i had a nice break
i was close with my awesome family
i am the luckiest man on earth
the number one luckiest man on this earth
there is love all around
all in and around
i also played golf til my arms nearly fell off
al i want to do is play golf
i just wanna stroll down that nice fairway
and hit that little white ball
i played with some kind and smart/funny people(hey raul! hey kennedy
and some kinda uptight squares
but man
it was fun
i also had the privilege and honor of once again playing with patti
and her band, lenny kaye, jay dee daugherty, and tony shanahan
we played at cbgb's for the last night of the club ever
and all i wanted to do was honor the great music that came out of
that place in the 70's
that shaped my idea of what music is
and touched me in so many beautiful ways
speaking of that
i also got to play, while recording with patti, with the great
guitarist tom verlaine
i must confess i am a little intimidated by him
i grew up admiring him so
but it seemed to go pretty well
anyways im going to eat eggs now

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